101 Ways to Play: #22 Mini Pumpkin Gross Motor Fun

These adorable miniature pumpkins (which were only 2 for $1 at my local grocery store) inspired me to add a few additional Halloween activities to get the kids moving.  While we have been busy building fine motor skills through our Halloween play, we can’t forget about those gross motor skills.  These fun activities focus on balance, stability, and eye-hand coordination.

Mini Pumpkin Ring Toss or Bean Bag Toss

Set out your pumpkins in the design of your choosing.  Give each pumpkin a value and see how many points the kids can get by capturing the pumpkin with their rings or hitting them with their bean bags.

Mini Pumpkin Balance Game

This one is particularly entertaining!  See how far the kids can walk while balancing a mini pumpkin on their head.  You can also use sidewalk chalk or tape to create a fun relay course.

Mini Pumpkin Bowling

Check out these cute homemade bowling pins from No Time for Flash Cards!  You can create mini bowling pins by using even smaller water bottles and then use your mini pumpkins to knock them down!

Abby from Notes from a Pediatric Occupational Therapist also found these great activities to further work on those gross motor skills:

Now….time to get up and get moving!


3 thoughts on “101 Ways to Play: #22 Mini Pumpkin Gross Motor Fun

  1. Thanks for the mention! There are so many great Halloween activities floating around the web this year. I love how you used the mini pumpkins for balance.

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